Ashford Hike & Bike Week Trip Report – August 7 – 11, 2023

Monday (Day 1) – Thomas Harrison, Bob Myrick and Charlene Dorward did the South District Loop.  This was a tough ride with steep climbs and descents on loose gravel and large rocks.  We did some bushwhacking and forded a stream, which was good fun.  Steve Brown arrived very late that night and slept in his car.

Tuesday (Day 2) – We were joined by Sue Nicholson in the morning.  Barbara Johnston was supposed to join us as well but we didn’t connect with her in the morning.  Sue, Thomas, Bob and Charlene rode the back way to Longmire, via Skate Creek road.  We ate our bag lunches at Longmire and on the way back we stopped in at Bob Brown’s house for pie.  Bob is the founder and general manager of Mount Tahoma Trails Association and he had many interesting tales to tell us.  Barbara had started out before the rest of us and she rode to the viewpoint below Paradise and then passed by Longmire on the way back.  She stopped in at camp in the late afternoon to give us an update on her activities.  Steve Brown spent the day setting up his camp and exploring the area.

Wednesday (Day 3) – Sue left us in the morning.  Thomas rode halfway up 92 Road and then rode the County Park trails and to the entrance to Mount Rainier and back.  Steve Brown rode the Old Hershey Road and also helped Bob and Charlene, who were clearing trail on the Old Hershey Road.  In the afternoon Bob and Steve cleared part of the old railway line.

Thursday (Day 4) – Thomas, Bob and Charlene had intended to ride Silver Creek Pass.  This was a gravel trip with 4,000 feet of elevation gain.  Because the gravel trip on Day 1 was so difficult we decided instead to repeat Day 2’s trip to Longmire.  Steve Brown drove to 59 Road, then got on his bike and rode a tough couple of miles into the Glacier View wilderness area where he hiked to some washouts.

Friday (Day 5) – The four remaining campers (Thomas, Steve, Bob and Charlene) packed up and headed for home.

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