Welcome New Riders

For some people, it’s not easy to just show up for a ride.
If you think you might want to join the club, here’s some information that may be helpful.

  • Review the Ride Schedule and pick a ride you may be interested in. Look at the distance and see if there are any hills to climb.
  • The Thursday ride is one of the easiest regular rides. It’s flat, but it’s still 30 miles from Puyallup to South Prairie and back. Beginners may opt to ride from Puyallup to Orting and back for a distance of 15 miles. Shorter rides are often offered, especially on the weekends. Check the ride calendar frequently and you should find a ride that will fit your skills.
  • Show up at the ride about 15 minutes early. Bring a helmet. Ask to speak to the ride leader and let them know you’re new and are interested in joining the club. Sign up on the ride log sheet. The ride leader will introduce you to other club members.
  • Don’t worry about buying a bike. An old bike or a borrowed one will be fine at first. You may want to find out what kind of riding you want to do before you invest in a bike. You may want to only ride on the road, or you may want to do touring on your bike. A touring bike needs to be sturdier and needs to be able to be fitted with racks to carry things. Club members love to talk about bikes and can provide assistance about what type of bike to buy when you’re ready to buy one.
  • Come on out and ride with us!

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