History, Purpose and Mission

  • In 1888 a club was formed in Tacoma for men who rode the “Big Wheel” bicycle. This club was in existence for many years.
  • In l974, a group of local cycle enthusiasts formed a new bicycle club using the name of the earlier club–thus the word “Wheelmen” in our Club name.
  • The word “Bicycle” was added to our name in the 1990’s to help explain the kind of club we are.
  • In 2017 the club reincorporated as The Tacoma Washington Bicycle Club and became a 501C3 Organization

We are a 501C3 non-profit organization. Our purpose is

  • Promote bicycling for recreation, health and transportation.
  • Organize social and bicycle activities.
  • Work with other clubs and organizations to promote bicycling.
  • Inform and educate members and the public regarding bicycle issues and safety.

Our mission is provide “Cycling for Fun, Fitness and Livable Communities.”


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