Coeur d’Alene Hub & Spoke Trip Report

This event was a hub-and-spoke style with only two TWBC members participating. We hope for a larger turnout next time.

On Tuesday, June 20, we began at the picturesque CDA campground, aiming for Harrison. With temperatures at 43° and a strong wind, the rain soon followed. After covering 7 miles, we decided to turn back. However, the afternoon saw better weather, so we rode an additional 9 miles to the Old Mission in Cataldo — the oldest building in Idaho. They have an insightful visitors' center with an engaging video. Additionally, the CDA campground offers a pleasant area for tent camping.

On Wednesday, June 21, we undertook a 50-mile round trip to Wallace for lunch. We made it to the base of the Pulaski tunnel in Wallace, the historic site where Ed Pulaski saved 45 firefighters in 1910 by leading them into the tunnel during a fire.

Our Thursday venture was a 53-mile round trip to Harrison, where we observed numerous herons and ospreys flying in formation. The highlight was spotting a moose.

On Friday, we transitioned from the CDA campground to the Harrison Marina RV Park. We enjoyed paddleboarding and went on a brief ride, though we didn't encounter another moose as we'd hoped. Saturday involved more paddleboarding, followed by a 33-mile round trip to Plummer, primarily for ice cream. We then attended the annual "Pig in the Park" event in Harrison, a pulled pork feast organized to support local charities. The event was vibrant with live music and families in attendance. Our journey proceeded along the Saint Joe Scenic Byway, adjacent to the trail leading from the Route of the Hiawatha Trail. For detailed information on a fantastic gravel bike-packing course, you can refer to the "Bitterroot 300." Subsequently, we moved on to Hellsgate State Park to experience the Lewiston Levee Trails. Our next stop was Walla Walla to explore the Mill Creek Levee Trails. Given the intense heat in Walla Walla, we decided to ascend and camp in the cooler altitudes of Dog Lake in White Pass before heading back to Tacoma.

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