May 2021 Newsletter

Ride TWBC May 2021

From the President and the Board

As we get back to normal operations, we now need to fill vacant board positions, namely the Secretary, Treasurer, and Ride Captains. No prior experience is needed, only enthusiasm for cycling and keeping our TWBC club going. If you are interested in these positions, please email [email protected].

We will conduct a general membership meeting at which we will need to vote on board positions, and the budget. The meeting will be conducted with Zoom. Date Tuesday May 18, 2021 @ 6:30 pm. The link to the Zoom Meeting is below.

Please consider how you might help TWBC by joining the board, or volunteering to lead rides. Thank you.

Nicholas Shelden,

TWBC President and the Board


Zoom meeting Link:

From the editor

It was decided to reactivate the newsletter as a means of outreach to members and if nothing else, a reminder to check the website. Contents of this newsletter will vary each month depending on events.

I subscribe to Bicycling Magazine and receive emails from them as well. What I am seeing is the proliferation of many different bicycle configurations from go-fast road bikes to beach cruisers. Some have suspension with varying tire sizes and such. What to get? Will one bike suffice? Do I need to spend kilobucks to get a suitable bike? What style of riding do I want to do? similar dilemma led me to two sources several years ago first, a book by Grant Petersen titled “Just Ride” second, a decision to assemble my own bike from the frame up (not a sound financial decision but I got what I wanted). Whatever your riding style-purpose, just ride. Have fun.

The TWBC can help.

Check the website.


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