Wheels To Meals - Hunger Is Real!

Help us “Break the Cycle” of Hunger at the 2019 Wheels to Meals on June 15, 2019

We’re bringing back the Wheels to Meals this year, but with a twist. Rather than a variety of courses through the Puyallup Valley, we are holding this year’s ride on a one mile loop in Swan Creek Park. Riders can ride as far as they want and never be more than 1/2 mile from a rest stop! The course is in Swan Creek Park and is on paved roads from the former neighborhood Salishan neighborhood. The one mile loop will allow riders of different abilities to ride together off and on as their pace allows, and also provide riders with a chance to push their stamina without worrying about having to make it back to the finish area since they will always be less than 1/2 mile away from a rest stop.

This is from a rider at another event on this one mile loop:

“Swan Creek is a park that doesn’t get the credit it deserves. The Century was absolutely amazing. The abandoned streets are very peaceful and you really can’t beat the forested surroundings. The best part- NO CARS; you are free to ride as fast or slow as you want. You can have conversations with other riders, and supporters can line the streets with chairs, snacks, and coolers, and make a day of it (getting cheered on is a pretty good feeling as well). It is definitely one of the cooler rides I’ve taken part in.” – Joe Korbuszewski

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 Wheels To Meals - Hunger is Real!

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