Enumclaw Plateau Trail Exploration and Recommendations

 Yesterday I had time to explore the Enumclaw Plateau Trail obtained by King County in 1994.  Now that we will have a new trail bridge over the White River, I hope we will continue to Kanasket Palmer State Park.  The Park was our first stop from Tacoma on the way to Minnesota and to the Palouse to Cascades Trail.

Google maps shows a cyclist using the existing Trail out to Veazie Cumberland Road.  It is 5 more miles to Kanasket Palmer State Park.   The County owns a few hundred more feet out to Veazie Junction where Burlington Northern Railroad allows freight car storage on its inactive line.  You should be aware that Tacoma Water has a large diameter pipeline from the Green River Headwaters buried in the right of way.   Tacoma obtained a 90 day revocable permit from the Northern Pacific Railroad in 1914.

I suggest that Enumclaw should be asked to consider directional signage from Starbucks(end of trail) to the paved trail built by King County.  There is also a need to replace a small trail bridge and fill a little pothole(King County).

Longer term, I suggest the existing soft surface trail should be retained as long as possible.   I can ride it on a road bike and it is wheelchair friendly.   King County might be asked to study Trail with Rail on the inactive line.

In the meantime, I will try to inspect the inactive line and Tacoma's Pipeline.  There are also a few sideroads that may be useful to cyclists to get to the Park.

By Bob Myrick 

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